“Low Earth Orbit Satellite constellations providing Internet access are on the horizon” By taking a deep dive into Low Earth Orbit Satellites, we can make smarter choices and help the Internet thrive by looking at the pros and cons of LEO satellite systems for addressing the digital divide.

Transforming Public Libraries in Kenya: Six years of partnership between EIFL and Kenya National Library Services. Brochure. EIFL, 2017

The “Advancing Meaningful Connectivity: Towards Active and Participatory Digital Societies” report from Advancement for Affordable Internet (A4AI) describes how billions lack the meaningful connectivity they need to make the most of the internet.

Webinar about an upcoming report focused on community connectivity providers mechanisms for locally-owned internet infrastructure – Sept 22, 2022, 14:00 UTC. Register here

Gigabit Library Network describes the LEO Libraries as “an initiative marries potentially game-changing low earth orbit (LEO) satellite internet access technology with the myriad public services of libraries or other centers” in this Overview.